Woodies Hockey
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do the Woodies suck so bad?

There is no single answer to this complex question.  Senility is certainly a contributing factor, but it is not the only one.  Puck control, motor control, and bladder control also enter into the equation.

How long have the Woodies sucked so bad?

A long time.

How long do the Woodies plan to suck so bad?   

While the Woodies respect their long and proud history, they have a healthy attitude toward change.

Is sucking this bad something the Woodies work at, or does it come naturally?

The coaching staff would love to take the credit, but this kind of talent is something you can't teach.

Do the Woodies suck at everything they do, or just hockey?

When you develop a life philosophy, it's hard not bring that gusto to everything you do.

Do you have to suck to be considered for the Woodies?

Remarkably, no.  The Woodies are an equal opportunity organization.

What are the Woodies future plans, hopes, dreams, and aspirations?